Retail. Getting back to a 'new normal' together.

A selection of ‘Try & Buy*’ solutions and services designed to help boost your recovery and sales.

‘Try & Buy*’ offers to help boost your sales post lockdown

Cegid is committed to helping you relaunch your business by offering a 'Special Retail Recovery' package. These 'try-before-you-buy' offers are designed to address some of your more immediate and future concerns:
- Re-opening your stores
- New rules on hygiene, safety, and social distancing
- Rapid setting up of omnichannel services: Click and Collect, Ship from Store and Order in Store
- Managing overstocks
- Order management
- Digital acceleration

For smaller retailers, Cegid can open up all the possibilities of digitalisation and omnichannel retailing by moving you to the cloud and trying Cegid Retail Y2 in SaaS mode before you buy.

*Opportunity to try, at no cost (except for professional services costs) specific Cegid Retail solutions for a six-month period, in case of subscription prior to October 31, 2020 and under the conditions as set out in the Try & Buy Agreement

A range of offers to kick-start the 'New Retail' and get back on track

Let's do all we can to restore confidence and get the customer back into stores and buying again.

  • Set up popular services like Click & Collect, Ship from Store and Order in Store to make the most of your store network.
  • Rethink the customer shopping journey and speed up the in-store experience with mobile solutions.
  • Allow your VIP customers the option of booking meetings in-store.
  • Launching new sales activities for staff.
  • Manage over-stocks, new collections and orders.
  • Key decision-making : promotions, order management, assortments and planning etc.
  • Preparing for the end of year sales peaks

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Post Lockdown - ‘Special Retail Recovery’ Offers

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