Learn how to master complex, ominchannel promotions to deliver relevant shopping experiences that drive traffic and conversions.

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Reduce complexity and improve ROI

Retail promotions have become more critical than ever to attract and retain shoppers
Today's customers are ultra-connected, better informed, and more discerning. With Cegid's Promotions Management feature you can build, manage, and execute pricing and promotion rules within a single platform, reducing the time to create and deploy new promotions, loyalty programs, or coupons.

Gain Insights Across Channels With Dashboards & Reporting
The Promotions Management engine uses centralized network management, coordination and reporting – features designed to help you track ROI and customize reporting to support your promotions and sales strategies.

Yourcegid Retail is an industry leading, powefully versatile retail and POS solution.

Drive more sales with targeted promotions using real-time customer data and analytics.

Create and manage promotions by day, hour, product, customer group, or loyalty program. Promotions Management module is designed to work with your promotions strategy so you can deliver targeted offers that drive sales.

Yourcegid Retail engine determines the optimum price for each customer based on available promotions, discounts, coupons, and special offers. You set the parameters, Cegid will ensure consistent pricing and promotions across all the retail channels.

Cegid’s uniquely robust engine is entirely retailer-configurable and flexible, delivering superior agility in executing your promotions strategies. Calculate multiple promotions in real time based on any number of dynamic triggers, including price, tax, discount, promotion parameters, loyalty redemption, or rewards.

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