The new in-store, unified commerce solution for sales associates

ZEN MAKER, Sofia's Calling

Discover how Sofia and her team handle the rush during sales
thanks to Shopping…

Productivity, peace of mind and agility

During sales, Sofia needs to be able to count on her team, but also on her assisted selling and point of sale tools. Since she's using Shopping, she can add additional POS terminals, even on a tablet! This allows Sofia to increase her team's motivation and improve their performance, thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of the solution.

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The new in-store, unified commerce solution for sales associates

Why choose Shopping?

Since using Shopping, it's never been so simple to deploy a new POS; it's so practical during sales or store openings! We can install them in no time, quickly train our sales associates and, above all, we don't need to worry about different local regulations: the solution is multi-tax, multi-country, and multi-language.

Director of RETAIL

With Shopping, we manage all operations from a single, unified system, available internationally and in the cloud. It's a major improvement that simplifies our business in a huge way: I now have only one system to maintain between my mobile and fixed POS software, and the centralization of data between the web and stores gives us information in real time. In addition, the solution runs on Windows 10, which provides greater flexibility in terms of OS and system security.

Digital Director

With Shopping, we are merge our sales channels, with excellent results for the profitability of our E-commerce, but also for our traffic and sales performance in-store. Thanks to the Clienteling module, we know our customers better and can pinpoint their needs much faster. We’re now offering a seamless and above all, unique experience, which reinforces our brand image.

IT Director

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