The main challenges where HR will have to give special support to CIOs:

Tackle the severe scarcity of digital talent and/or the extended time it takes to upskill/reskill employees by considering talent sharing

Partner with HR to implement effective talent programs and to create an inclusive workplace for "neurodiverse" talent.

Extract insights from labour markets, candidates, and employees to understand the importance of the value proposition for employment and to attract tech talent.

Be sensitive to the voice of the market, which increasingly requires leaders to weather crises in the wake of the pandemic, by developing and exhibiting the leadership competencies of determination and sensitivity.

Ready to tackle these key issues?


Assess team skills and knowledge to identify at least one person who needs to be trained in certain aspects.


Incorporate the development of OTM skills into the learning and development curriculum for managers.


Adopt agile learning concepts so that training happens at the right time.