So how well are CHROs doing?

Recent Deloitte research found that ‘While CEOs and top business leaders rate talent as a key priority, only 5 percent of survey respondents rate their organization’s HR performance as excellent.’ They also discovered that in fact, ‘Only 30 percent of business leaders believe that HR has a reputation for sound business decisions; only 28 percent feel that HR is highly efficient; only 22 percent feel that HR is adapting to the changing needs of the workforce; and only 20 percent feel that HR can adequately plan for the company’s future talent needs.’

HR leaders are being called on to bring new skills and capabilities to meet the challenges of a digital, global, and dynamic business environment.

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Discover 10 skills to help HR to go digital:


Present the latest research and findings


Identify new skills and abilities


Show how these can be learnt and cultivated