Why do all the work, if someone has already done it for you?


The ultimate guide for building a successful RFP for Talent Acquisition in three steps is here! This is a full package with pro tips, downloadable workbooks and more!


The art of building an RFP for a Talent solution

What’s there to learn?

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. What is an RFP
3. Why do organizations in the public and private sector recur to RFPs
4. What are the steps towards building a successful RFP for Talent Acquisition?
5. Internal Checklist Worksheet Pre RFP
6. What questions to ask?
7. Top 60 Questions to use in your RFP (Pre written questions)
8. DEMO time!
9. Demonstration Script (Ready made draft)
10. Selection Criteria for an ATS (Checklist)
11. Conclusion